Top Street Food Vans for your Wedding
Top Street Food Vans for your Wedding
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With more and more couples opting for DIY style weddings with their own outsourced catering, we rounded up the most popular street food ideas that newly married couples are loving for their wedding day.

Indian Kitchen

Most people love Indian food, and thankfully there are many street food vans all over the UK to cater to our spicy needs. Many Indian food vans will also cater for all tastes in spice, so you don’t have to worry about not finding a mild option for your less adventurous guests.


Tacos for days! Mexican street food is full of love, spices and excitement, just like a wedding! As well as tacos, chow down on loaded chilli nachos, burritos and dressed fries for wedding food that with tantalize your guests tastebuds! Napkins at the ready because it’s going to get messy!

Cheese toastie

Toasties are a comfort food staple, so it’s only right that they were in this list. This is not your average toastie though; enjoy a range of tasty cheeses like stilton, mozzarella, goats cheese and the old favourite, cheddar. And mix them with any manner of weird and wonderful flavours to create a cheese toastie that’s levels above the rest. You can find toastie street food vans up and down the country.

American Eats

Burgers, Burgers and more Burgers…oh and fries, don’t forget fries! American style burger vans are easy to find, so hire one for your wedding day and your guests won’t be disappointed. Freshly made beef burgers with melting American cheese, lovingly crafted into a home baked sesame seed bun. Mmmm burger!

Pizza Time

A welcome staple at many DIY weddings now, the pizza oven is also a great piece of entertainment for your guests. Not strictly a food van (but usually converted from one, so we’re counting it here). your wedding guests will love watching their pizza as it bubbles away with all the promises of a tasty slice of heaven!

Just Desserts

The possibilities are endless here. Summer weddings call upon the ice cream van, but what about weddings in cooler months? Try a mobile creperie and enjoy Nutella filled warm crepes to satisfy your sweet tooth. Or if you’re searching for something even more decadent, freshly made Churros are always a winner. If you don’t know what a churro is, think doughnut but in the shape of a stick!

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