Tried and Tested Wedding Entertainment
Tried and Tested Wedding Entertainment
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Every wedding needs its entertainment; it’s what helps break the ice and gets your guests laughing along with each other. Here are our top tried and tested wedding entertainment ideas to help you WOW your wedding guests.

Singing waiters
Moving around unsuspectingly whilst posing as waiters, these entertainers serve your wedding meal, then burst into song! Singing Waiters are a fantastic way to break the ice between tables and create a huge party atmosphere. Check out The Undercover Waiters on the back cover of this issue to find out how they can help with your wedding entertainment.

Photobooths are constantly being updated every year to keep them on trend. From the magic mirror booths to selfie stations, a photobooth is a mainstay at a wedding reception. It also gives you a whole bunch of really funny memories to look back on, and you can personalise the background to your wedding theme too.

Outdoor games
Perfect for outdoor weddings, outdoor wedding games bring guests of all ages together. There’s Connect 4, Jenga, Darts, Crazy Golf and lots more to get your guests in the gaming spirit.

A walking magician will perform between tables at your wedding breakfast and shock and delight your guests as they try to figure out just how they did it!

Wedding DJ
We couldn’t mention entertainment without the DJ. It’s a necessity to get your wedding guests up on the dancefloor. And a really good DJ knows just how to get the music flowing to create the perfect wedding playlist to get everyone in the mood for dancing. Check out Amp & Deck on the inside front page, MDG Entertainment on page 59 or Disco Entertainment on page 60 to see how they can help with your wedding.

Fireworks display
Fireworks are a wonderful way to end the wedding evening. Bring all your guests outside to enjoy the spectacle, and make sure the photographer captures the show!

Live wedding band
With a live band, you can choose someone who fits with the style of music you really love. This can be a 4-piece wedding band who performs your favourite chart pop hits or a country music band who gets your guests up dancing the square dance.

Classical/modern instrumentalist
Whether a violinist, string quartet, or even jazz musician; choose the instrument that you love so it can be the soundtrack to your special day.

Wedding bingo/quiz
See how much your guests really know about you and host a wedding quiz!! Or opt for wedding bingo and offer prizes for a line or a house.

Wedding karaoke
Not for everyone but for those who love karaoke, this one is a no-brainer! Sing your heart out to Ed Sheeran or Celine Dion, the choice is yours!

This is a great icebreaker. Turn it into a competition to see who can go lowest on the dancefloor. Winner gets a free drink!

Treasure hunt
Fun for both kids and adults! Send your guests on a merry treasure hunt to find hidden treasures throughout your wedding reception. This could be a timed hunt to make it even more interesting, and whoever gets them all first, wins a prize!

Wedding party props
Light up sunglasses, glowsticks and festival beads are great ways to make your guests smile and let their hair down. No one can be serious if they’re wearing a fake moustache 😉

Professional dancers
Not only gymnasts, but what about a Bollywood Dance Group, or Brazilian dancers with feather headdresses? Even Belly dancers and ballerinas are great ways of entertaining your guests through dance.

Beer/Prosecco pong
This is a great bit of entertainment for a relaxed wedding and encourages friendly competition and conversation in between guests as you try to get the ball in the cup.

Any kind of food/drink making station
Hot chocolate stations, cocktail making bars and more. We may see less of the self-serve stations at weddings over the next 12 months, but that’s not to stop you hiring mixologists to create a fantastic entertaining display while they make your guests signature cocktails all night long! Or why not opt for a chocolate fountain? Kids and adults alike will love dipping their favourite fruit or sweet treat in delectable, melted chocolate!

Street food vans
These are a great option during the evening when the day’s fun and festivities have tired your guests out. Bring out the street food and watch their tastebuds come alive! These work fabulously at festival style weddings.

Bouncy castle hire
For all out fun at a wedding, hire a bouncy castle for everyone to enjoy. You can hire special white wedding bouncy castles that look a bit prettier but are still just as fun!

What better way to make your guests laugh and feel relaxed than with a comedian?

Glitter station/temporary tattoos
A great way to add some fun to your wedding, and great for children and adults. See if you can get your bearded guests to add some glitter to their facial hair!

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