Wedding Cake Inspiration
Wedding Cake Inspiration
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Your wedding cake can be a very personal thing, with so many different styles and flavours now available, there’s so much to choose from. Here is some
amazing wedding cake inspiration!

Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers look beautiful on a cream or white buttercream wedding cake. Pair these with a cascading floral decoration for the perfect summer wedding cake inspiration.

wedding cake with white buttercream with dried pressed colourful flowers in a floral decoration around the whole cake


For those who aren’t fans of a traditional style of cake, but love cheesecake (and no, we don’t mean cheese wheels), a range of cheesecakes instead are a great idea. You can still have them in a tiered cake style if you have the right cake stand. Cheesecakes adorned with fresh fruit and flowers elevate the look, so it’s fit for a cool wedding. Why not extend your cheesecakes to your wedding favours with individual cheesecakes for each guest.

Floating Cake Tiers

This is a big trend at the minute. Wedding Cake tiers with cakes that seem to float in mid-air are rising in popularity. Cake designers are using clear resin faux cakes in between tiers as well as illusion stands that make the top tier look like it’s defying gravity.  A little decoration around the edge of the stand and you’d never know the cake isn’t really floating!

Wedding cake with see-through layers, with flowers inside

His & Hers

If you and your partner don’t like the same flavours, why not each have your own wedding cake? This is the perfect chance to show off your personalities and you could even have one cake that’s not a cake at all. Doughnut tower anyone?

Some More Wedding Cake Inspiration...

Semi-naked with Fresh Fruit

A mainstay when it comes to wedding cakes is the semi-naked. Often made fresh so they don’t go dry, a semi naked cake combined with fresh fruit is a spring and summer wedding dream come true. 

tiered semi-naked cake with fresh fruit including sliced figs and blackberries

Unique Flavours

Couples aren’t just opting for traditional flavours in their cakes; more are choosing unique flavours featuring herbs, teas and floral flavours, this is a great way to spark your wedding cake inspiration. Think lavender buttercream, earl grey tea sponges and the taste of rosemary in a cake (not all together though). Paired with traditional flavours, these unique additions really elevate your wedding cake into something truly unique and flavourful. Undoubtedly, this will really kick start your wedding cake inspiration.

Metallic Cakes

Namely Gold toned hues, metallic tones are used to accent cake edges for that opulent golden touch. Other cake designs feature a single metallic cake to split up the other two tiers, as well as gold leaf decoration added in a random fashion to give a subtle nod to the metallic theme. 

pink and white tiered cake with gold metallic details

Textured Cakes

Featuring brush strokes created by a palette knife, textured cakes look stunning, especially with added colours between the tiers. You can have as much texture as you want; go all out with a fully textured wedding cake or opt for just a few dotted brush strokes on one tier. 

white textured wedding cake with horizontal textured strokes indented into the cake. white and red flowers draping down the side of the cake for decoration

For that Wow Factor...

Lambeth Cake

Remember those cakes with thick piped icing trimmed all the way around the top of each tier, decorated almost like a Christmas tree? Well, that’s what’s known as a Lambeth cake, and couples are loving it! Lambeth cakes use royal icing in an over-piping technique to create dramatic scroll designs along the edges of cakes. It’s a vintage decorating technique that’s back in fashion in a big way.

beautiful white lambeth wedding cake with white vintage piping and four tiers with white roses on the top tier

Floral Waterfall

Flowers have adorned cakes for years, but this is a modern take on this trend, with flowers perfectly arranged from the top all the way down the cake, cascading off the bottom just like a waterfall. It transforms a normal looking wedding cake into a real showstopper!

four tiered cake with white roses in a waterfall pattern decoration

Grand Tall Wedding Cakes

A major trend that has come about with the rise of bigger, more grand weddings is a tall extravagant wedding cake. We’re seeing white wedding cakes with the top two tiers extending beyond the height of a traditional wedding cake. The extra height in these cakes creates an element of class and elegance, plus there’s more cake to eat. They certainly create that wow factor.

white five tiered tall wedding cake with eucalyptus leaves wrapped around each tier

Whether you are wanting something unique, or wanting to keep it simple and stunning, all cakes are certainly incredible.  Alternatively , some couples are even opting for less traditional forms such as cookies, cupcakes and brownies.

Above all, which ever wedding cake inspiration you embrace, it will sure look absolutely amazing on the day.

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