Wedding Day Tips you might not know
Wedding Day Tips you might not know
General Wedding Talk

Here are some wedding day tips that you might not have thought about, but that are super helpful and important to remember!

1. Buy a newspaper on the day of your wedding so you can look back to what was in the news when you got married.

2. Get your engagement ring cleaned before the big day.

3. Don’t wear a bra on your wedding day if you have a strapless gown; this will be hard to hide in wedding photos.

4. Use a hashtag for your wedding day, so your guests can tag and upload to Instagram & Facebook, for you to scroll through later.

5. Try not to please everyone; it’s physically impossible.

6. Be as present as possible; look at your newlywed and be thankful; watch your guests and how they interact, smell your bridal bouquet and just try and take it all in, like you’re taking a mental picture of the day. We know so many couples who have said they got to the end of the day and wondered where it went, so make it count!

7. Best way to pee in a wedding dress is to sit on the toilet backwards
(with help from your bridesmaids of course!).

8. Eat! Many couples forget to eat through nervousness or lack of time when talking to wedding guests, but remember, you paid for all this food, so make sure you eat some of it! One of our couples ended up at Mcdonalds at midnight because they hadn’t eaten much at their own wedding! (Made for a funny memory though!)

9. Write each other a letter that you will open on your first anniversary,
then get all romantic when you read what each other put.

10. Have a wedding day survival kit and have your maid of honour/best man be in charge of it. Think of things like deodorant, lipstick/lipbalm, tissues, that sort of thing.

11. After the wedding, make sure you get your dress/suit dry cleaned. Whether you’re keeping it or not, a stinky, food covered or muddy dress/suit sitting in its cover forever and a day is never a good idea!

12. Try and have some alone time with your newlywed partner. Even if its just for 5 minutes, you’ll both be feeling overwhelmed and a few moments alone can help you both re-group and breathe before going back to your wedding guests.

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