Wedding Questions Answered: Diamond Photobooths
Wedding Questions Answered: Diamond Photobooths
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We’re back again this week checking on Wedding Suppliers and how they’ve been coping during the lockdown. Today we chat to Marc and Debbie over at Diamond Photobooths, and it sounds like they’ve been keeping busy!

Q: Thanks for doing this. Firstly,could you just give me an idea of how the business has been since the pandemic began and what you guys have been up to to keep busy?

Volunteering at a Local food bank to meet supply and demand especially doing deliveries for the elderly and “at risk” people who cannot shop, so if you have seen our Diamond Photobooth Vans whizzing around that’s what. We have taken part time work to bring in the extra income. Like most people we’ve painted rooms, fences and gates, put the Marquee up and made a little indoor Gym.

Debbie has added an extra dog walk session in and walks some miles. We actually moved units as the last one the roof leaked so to protect the equipment we had to do that. We’ve been part of an online wedding fayre and we are up to actively using social media to promote the business. We’ve refreshed all the prop boxes (24 in total). We’ve also worked on the website, social media and all other aspects of admin within the business (basically all the jobs you put off for a while). Remained positive throughout.

Q: How have you been affected and what steps are you taking to secure the business?

We have been affected with the loss of income for, as it stands to date, 4 months from March to July. Being active and promoting the business during lockdown has been generating new custom plus both of us doing part time jobs to sustain our business. We are in a good position as we have been well established for quite some time, especially in the Photobooth world.

Q: How have your couples been during this time?

95% have been fantastic and understanding, that it is a small business and have to get through the challenging times. A few couple have offered to pay their balance on the normal date even though they have moved to next year should we need it.

Q: Have you been able to accommodate their queries such as cancellations or date changes?

Always answered every query and transferred over 100 bookings to the latter end of this year and into next year. We have absorbed the cancellations and refunds by spreading the timeline to receive a refund.

Now iv just got a few questions for you as if they’re from couples asking if that’s ok.

Q: Do I still have to pay you if my wedding is cancelled?

If your wedding is cancelled due to the Covid 19 Virus we can offer you alternative dates. If you have to cancel due to the venue cancelling and cannot find another date and decide you are not getting married then you
will be refunded.

Q: Will my deposit be carried over to a new date?

All monies and assets will be transferred onto any new date with NO charges in doing so.

Q: What if you’re not available on my new date? Is someone else available?

The chances we cannot accommodate any new dates are slim, that is why we always say check our availability calendar and speak with all suppliers before going firm on the new date. You have booked us and all your suppliers as we are in your mind the best for your special day.

Q: Will I get my money back if you can’t do my new date?

Yes any booking cancelled or transferred due to Covid 19 and we are unable to do your new date we refund
you within our timeframe for refunds during this time.

Massive Thanks to Marc and Debbie for taking the time to chat to us and we sincerely hope we can get back to some kind of normal in the near future. We know wedding suppliers everywhere just want to get back to doing what they do best, and that’s being part of peoples’ weddings.

All photos are courtesy of Diamond Photobooths.

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