We’ve got Trending Wedding Cakes Aplenty
We’ve got Trending Wedding Cakes Aplenty
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We’ve been looking at lots of fancy wedding cakes this week to find out what’s trending to help you choose the best cake for your wedding day. Looking at current trends and due to the current climate, it seems there’s a return to more traditional cake styles with a move away from more extravagant cakes and focussing on simple styles.

Expect to see some old favourites in this list, but we’re keeping an eye on the newest wedding cake trends as they emerge and will update this list later this year.

Nearly Naked Cakes

These are ideal if you’re not a fan of fondant or too much sweetness from buttercream. A nearly naked cake uses just enough buttercream to add moisture to the cake, and is usually dressed up with greenery or fruit.

Gold Accented Cakes
Moving on slightly from totally metallic cakes, we’re seeing wedding cakes with gold foil accents, or even hand painted gold designs. It add opulence to an otherwise simple looking wedding cake and adds a pleasing metallic aesthetic without being too over the top. The old favourite ‘drip style’ cake is also making a comeback with gold drip effects decorating half the wedding cake.

Traditional White Cakes
We think these will always be a staple for those who just love the traditional theme. A more modern take on the white cakes is the addition of lace fondant and also, more recently, a change of texture so its not just a smooth fondant covering.

Draped Floral
Whether real or sugar flower creations, there’s a lot of floral wedding cakes out there at the minute blowing up all over Pinterest. Couples are also opting for a seasonal look with sunflowers for summer, red roses for winter, pink floral for spring and burnt orange coloured sugar flowers for Autumn. We’ve even seen a mix of floral and gold accents, for a totally modern take on the wedding cake.

Hand Painted
Hand painted cakes are still as popular as ever, from a beautiful watercolour painted cake, to intricate blue china plate looks. The possibilities are endless. Some cake designers are also mixing hand painted with real flowers for a mix of 3d and painted in the wedding cake design.

Individual Wedding Cakes
These seem to be gaining more popularity right now. Couples seem to like the idea of individual cupcakes all gathered together to create a wedding cake look that guests can take away at the end of the day as a wedding favour. The great thing about cupcakes is they’re already portioned out for your guests, and you can also have a variety of flavour choices too!

Marble Effect Cakes
Though not as prominent as in recent years, the marble effect cake is still a favourite among guests who like the clean fondant look but want something a little bit more. Grey marbling is a particular favourite and works well with the aforementioned gold detailing.

Whichever wedding cake style you’re searching for, make sure it’s something that represents you as a couple, and don’t let anyone sway you. A wedding cake is the perfect opportunity to show off your personality to your wedding guests, so if that means a Lego cake or Marvel Heroes, or even My Little Pony, make it something that represents you as a couple.

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