Your Bonfire Night Wedding Theme
Your Bonfire Night Wedding Theme
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Remember, Remember the 5th of November. Gunpowder, treason and plot!

That’s how the old rhyme goes when talking about the famous Guy Fawkes story. And today we’re sticking with the Bonfire Night Theme and how you can have your wedding go off with a bang!
So here are some ideas for a Bonfire Night Themed Wedding Day that you’re gonna love.

You can’t have a Bonfire Night wedding without fireworks! They’re also great when there’s a lull at the reception, usually when your guests have eaten and they’re all feeling a bit sleepy. Get everyone outside for a fabulous Fireworks show to celebrate your wedding day.

Toffee Apples
Fun for both kids and adults, a toffee apple is always a winner at a Bonfire Night Wedding. Make it extra fun by creating a decorate your own Toffee Apple station with marshmallows, melted chocolate and sprinkles.

Pie & Peas/ Jacket Potatoes
The beauty of a Bonfire Night themed wedding is you can have simple wedding catering that will go down really well. Hot Jacket Spuds with chilli con carne and melted cheese will help heat up your guests. Or a good old pie & mushy peas with mint sauce will wake up their tastebuds too!

Themed Wedding Invites
If you’re having a themed wedding, this is the first bit that your wedding guests will see. So go all out with your wedding invites and opt for a fireworks background, or even have a burnt edge effect to your stationery so it looks like it’s been charred by a bonfire.

Warm Apple Cider
A lovely warming drink for your wedding guests, warm apple cider will give the all the Autumn feels as they toast to your nuptials. Have your cider in a punchbowl with warm spices of star anise and cinnamon for your guests to help themselves if they need to warm their cockles.

Mood Lighting
With longer nights, mood lighting is key for this type of wedding. And lanterns don’t just help light the way, but they help create a soothing, cosy atmosphere for your wedding guests too.

Sparkler Wedding Favours
These work twofold because they’re great tokens for your wedding guests, but they can also be used in place of confetti. Gather your guests in the form of an aisle and enjoy the sparklers as you walk down it with your partner. The wedding photos will look fantastic!

All Gather round the fire
There’s nothing better than gathering your guests round the bonfire outside at the end of your wedding day, hot chocolate in hand. It really adds to the Autumnal atmosphere and helps finish off your wedding day nicely. If your guests feel a chill, have a basket of knit blankets for them to use and keep as a gift.

Toasting Marshmallows
Toasted marshmallows scream bonfire night! So if you’re able to safely, enjoy toasted marshmallows as an evening sweet snack at your wedding reception, or even better, make smores. Kids will love them!

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