The Perfect Fabric for your Bridesmaid Dresses
The Perfect Fabric for your Bridesmaid Dresses
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The Perfect Fabric for your Bridesmaid Dresses

Why is Fabric Important?

We can talk about styles and necklines all day, but what’s often forgotten is the fabric for your bridesmaid dresses. Choice of fabric is usually determined by time of year. If you’re having a summer wedding, it wouldn’t make sense to opt for velvet, unless you want your bridesmaids to sweat that is. Similarly, if you’re getting married on a beach, a heavy fabric may not be the best idea.


A lightweight fabric perfect for summer weddings and a favourite fabric choice for many. The floaty feel of this fabric works well at relaxed beach weddings and adds a romantic feel to any wedding look. Chiffon can also be worn at weddings during the colder months as it can be used as a layer over more structured gowns and drapes well over shoulders. If you’ve been searching for flowy bridesmaid gowns, chances are you’ve seen a lot of chiffon gowns on display.

blush pink chiffon maxi bridesmaid dress with a high halterneck design
Pretty Lavish


Satin works well in weddings at cooler times of year. However, it’s not very breathable or particularly stretchy so may not work great for a summer wedding. They look stunning in wedding photos, but it’s important to remember that depending on the cut of the gown. It can show off every curve and bump. Choose the style of dress carefully in this fabric if you have bridesmaids that would rather not show off all their curves as the light hits their gown. 

sage green satin cowl neck double strap midi dress


Organza is traditionally made from silk but can also be made with polyester or nylon. It’s a stiffer material than chiffon and is sheer but will still drape with a little more structure on bridesmaid dresses. Be careful with organza as it snags easily so maybe opt for an accent of organza. Ideal for those fairytale style bridesmaid looks. 

azure green full length dress with layered organza top


If you’re wanting a slinky silhouette on your bridesmaids with a simpler design, crepe is a great fabric to choose. It accentuates curves and works perfectly in mermaid gowns and A line dresses. Crepe has more stretch than chiffon and is a good all-rounder for a bridesmaid dress fabric choice. It’s also slightly heavier than chiffon so it’s a good choice for tailored and more structural gowns.

v neck plunge sage green maxi dress
Six Stories


Most often used in wedding gowns, lace is a great fabric for textured pieces on a bridesmaid gown too. A lace neckline or bodice can be changed up on different gowns of the same colour to give your bridesmaids a variety of styles to show off. Lace also adds a more elegant, romantic feel to a bridesmaid gown and works well in vintage themed weddings. 

navy blue maxi dress with lace neckline and sleeves


For added drama in the skirt of your bridesmaids’ gowns, try Tulle. Often used in layering to add oomph to a gown, tulle is firmer than chiffon. It’s less ideal for a beach wedding however, as your bridesmaids will find it harder to move around. 

drape shoulder tulle maxi dress in a muted blue-green colour


The perfect fabric for your bridesmaid dresses for autumn/winter weddings. Velvet is elegant, and adds an air of opulence to a bridesmaid gown. It’ll keep your bridesmaids warm during cold winter weddings too. Velvet is a heavier fabric compared to other choices, so bear this in mind if you want something more flowy. 

navy blue velvet maxi dress with plunge sweetheart neckline and mermaid silhouette


If you want your bridesmaids to sparkle at your wedding, sequinned gowns look fantastic. Full sequinned gowns can be quite heavy, so opting for a sequin bodice will still show off some sparkle while keeping the comfort of your bridesmaids in mind. 

blush pink sequin maxi dress with v-line neckline

The Perfect Fabric for your Bridesmaid Dresses

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