Wedding Entertainment Ideas
Wedding Entertainment Ideas
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Wedding Entertainment Ideas

A Selection to Suit Every Part of the Family

Ideas for the Adults

Casino Tables

Starting off the wedding entertainment ideas, the first one for the adults. A casino table is a great idea to have some light-hearted gambling fun. You don’t have to play for real cash, it’s just a great feeling when you beat the other players at the table. 

close up of a casino table with a hand moving a pile of red poker chips

Cocktail Bar

Have your own signature cocktails designed for your wedding day, one for each of you. Anything alcohol based that’s interactive is always going to be a winner. Whether it’s a Gin Bar or Pimp your Prosecco bar. Getting your guests involved in making them is a sure-fire way to laughter too.

row of different colourful cocktails, all in different cocktails glasses, with different garnishments


If your wedding is adults only, why not have a comedian who does a ‘bit of blue’. You may offend a few people but if you warn them in advance, if they don’t want to listen. You could plan other entertainment for them while the comedian

is performing.

Fire Performers

Not one for the fainted hearted, fire performers are a fiery wedding entertainment that showcases death defying stunts and hot heat. These can also be interactive, with guests invited to stand in the middle of performers as they wield fire all around you.

man performing with fire in the dark, used for wedding entertainment

Cigar Bar

For those who want to feel a little gentlemanly on their wedding day. Make use of a cigar bar; you could also extend this to the wedding favours for the groomsmen.

Axe Throwing

Handling sharp objects is most definitely an adults only entertainment idea. Just make sure your guests are sober before attempting this one.

close up of wooden circular board with painted circular target rings and a red circle for the bulls-eye in the centre. Used for axe throwing entertainment

Ideas for the Whole Family

Photobooth/Magic Mirror

A mainstay in wedding entertainment, the photobooth/ magic mirror is always a winner. And the hilarious memories you’ll have of your guests in various stages of fancydress will be priceless. Check out Snap Your Moment, Disco Dan Photobooth and Selfie Star Events.

group of four people using a photobooth as wedding entertainment, all wearing props such as hats and feather masks,


A magician is perfect right at the start of a wedding reception when your guests are still getting comfortable. The perfect icebreaker, your guests will be oooing and aaahing in no time.

Magician playing with cards showing a magic trick

Wedding DJ

A good DJ knows how to get even the most reluctant dancers up on the dancefloor. When finding your wedding DJ, it’s important they understand what’s expected of them. Gone are the days of the DJ who’s muffled voice was heard over the top of the music. Many DJs nowadays are excellent toastmasters and can get involved in all the important aspects of your wedding day  announcements. Check out Posh Wedding Discos & MDG Entertainment.

turntables used by Djs set up at a wedding for their wedding entertainment

Live Tribute Act

If you’re a fan of Pink, Adele or even The Spice Girls, why not hire a live tribute act for your wedding entertainment? The whole family will enjoy getting up dancing to all the greatest hits. The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking your wedding entertainment.

Singing Waiters

Singing waiters are super interactive and the best part is seeing the look on your wedding guests’ faces as they realise the waiters are the entertainment! Check out The Undercover Waiters.

a singing waiter, holding a microphone, singing to an elderly lady at a wedding, both looking very happy. good wedding entertainment

Ideas for the Kids

Treasure Hunt

Children will love a treasure hunt! Featuring one as part of your wedding entertainment could keep your younger guests entertained for hours. The winner gets a prize!

close up of a child holding a golden magnifying glass and a hand-drawn treasure map, including a hand-drawn pirate ship and palm trees on islands, with a red dashed line leading to a red cross.

Giant Outdoor Garden Games

Fun for both adults and children alike! Giant outdoor games including Connect 4, Jenga, Noughts and Crosses and Ring toss are some examples. They’re all great ways of keeping everyone, children included, entertained and having fun. It can get quite competitive, so be warned!

close up of giant Jenga blocks, being played outside on the grass

Kids Entertainment Packs

If you have kids coming to a wedding, the first thing to have ready in front of them is an activity pack. This can be tailored depending on the age of the child and can include anything from colouring books, scratch art, wordsearchs and plenty more. Sometimes having that initial distraction at the table is perfect to give you enough time to get through the speeches (maybe). 

Face Paint & Glitter Station

Everyone secretly loves having their face painted, even the grumpiest of adults, so why not include a face paint & glitter station as part of your wedding entertainment. Ideal while guests are milling about and for those who don’t want to take part in dancing the night away. Throw on some glitter instead!

women painting a smiling child's face in a decorative animal design including black whiskers and a red nose

Bouncy Castle & Play Areas

Lastly, you might have to fight the adults of this one. Bouncy castles and play areas are great wedding entertainment ideas and are always a winner with children at a wedding. They’re such are a great addition and add hours of fun.

happy child sliding down a green slide attached to a colourful climbing frame, with her hands in the air, great for kids wedding entertainment

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