Wedding Menu Inspiration
Wedding Menu Inspiration
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Wedding Menu Inspiration

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to the food at your wedding, so here are just a few ideas to get your tastebuds tingling!

selection of wedding canapés


Caprese Skewers

Firstly, let’s discuss appetizers. Mozzarella paired with cherry tomatoes and basil on a stick with a balsamic dipping sauce; yes please! Caprese skewers are a fun appetizer that’ll make your mouth water. 

two caprese skewers, consisting of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, drizzled with olive oil and sea salt

Fruit Skewers

A summer wedding treat. You can elevate fruit skewers with chocolate dipping sauces; kids and adults alike will absolutely love this. Plus, these could also double up as a dessert. 

close up of three fruit skewers for a wedding menu consisting of nectarine, cherry, kiwi and strawberry, drizzles with chocolate

Spring Rolls

They come in their own packaging, so are the perfect portable appetiser treat. Have a mix of meat based and veggie spring rolls with dips for guests to get stuck into. 

three delicious spring rolls on a plate served with sweet chilli sauce in a separate little dish on the pate

Tomato Soup & Cheese Toastie

A miniature version of course. Good for an autumn/ winter wedding menu to warm up your wedding guests.  You also can’t go wrong as everybody loves a toastie!

close up of cheese toastie with melting cheese next to a bowl of tomato soup


It’s important to cater for vegan options now more than ever, especially as couples are more aware of our carbon footprint and making sustainable choices. Combine raw and cooked foods for a mix of texture. Raw fruits and veggies arranged on an antipasti style platter can show off all the colours of the rainbow. A perfect start to your wedding menu inspiration.

vegan wrap filled with beautiful bright vegetables, including lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and shredded carrots, next to a bowl of butternut squash soup

The Main Event

Antipasti Station

This is a massive trend with the return of grazing tables. Antipasti and Charcuterie stations are a favourite among summer weddings. Cater for meat lovers and plant-based eaters alike with an antipasti board. Featuring meats, fruits such as figs and grapes, then artichokes, olives, pickled onions, tomatoes, various cheeses and breads beautifully arranged in an artistic style, your guests will be spoiled for choice. This could be both an appetizer or a main event.

Top view of antipasti, with a selection of deli meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, olives and sun-dried tomatoes, all on three different wooden boards

Wood Fired Pizza

There’s nothing better than fresh wood fired pizza made to order while you wait. Straight out of the oven and ideal for outdoor weddings. 

wood fired pizza topped with prosciutto ham, rocket and parmesan, a perfect wedding food dish

Sushi Bar

A definite summer staple, for fans of sushi, a sushi bar is just the thing! This can double up as entertainment if you have a sushi chef making them while you wait. 

close up of delicious looking sushi with soy-sauce drizzled on the top - perfect for canapés for a wedding menu


The perfect pairing. Tacos can also be served as an appetizer, but they’re in our main event as we couldn’t eat just one taco. Paired with a spicy margarita, it’ll excite your tastebuds to leave you wanting more.

line of tacos filled with pulled chicken and topped with coriander and chopped up onion. the perfect wedding menu inspiration

What's for Dessert

Mini Pancakes

Finally, let’s talk dessert. Everything in miniature always looks better; skewered mini pancake stacks with whipped cream on top and strawberries are a summer dessert’s dream. Similarly, strawberries, caramelised bananas and honey is a simple yet delicious combination.

stack of mini dessert pancakes that's topped with strawberries, bananas mint and a dusting a icing sugar, getting drizzled with honey

Chocolate Fountain

Always a favourite at weddings, a chocolate fountain can work at any time of year at any type of wedding. Choose your chocolate flavour and pair it with a range of fruits and cakes and watch those eyes widen at all the chocolate topped possibilities. 

two dessert chocolate fountains, one white chocolate and one milk chocolate, with a selection of cut-up fruit with skewers to dip into the chocolate fountains


Lastly, not everyone has a sweet tooth; if that’s you, this one is for you! Instead of a traditional dessert, serve a range of cheeses with chutneys and crackers. It’s also just a great end to a meal and your guests will love you for it.  

top view of cheese board with a selection of different cheese, nuts, grapes and olives, displayed on a circular slate board

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