The Perfect Wedding Hair Day
The Perfect Wedding Hair Day
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Depending on whether you have long hair or short hair, we have some tips to make choosing your bridal hair style an absolute doddle.

Fishtail braid

Fishtail plaits look beautiful swept over to one side, but they also work straight down the back too. These look even better when the plaits have been pulled out a little to create volume, rather than a sleek, tighter look.

Messy Plait

Messy plaits are great for long hair as you can have lots of pulled out pieces of hair to help frame the face, with a chunky plait at the back to add drama to your wedding look. For a summer twist, add floral accents dotted throughout the plait for a stunning summer hair style.

Low Bun

This one is ideal for those with short hair. A good hair stylist can create the illusion of length and volume where there is none. A low bun is a great style which you can also frame with a hair comb to finish the look. If you’re a bride with thicker, longer hair, the low bun can still work, with layers of curls to frame the face and pop out of the bun to create a curly bun style.

Striking Chignon

Have your hair swept up into a perfect silky chignon on your wedding day. No fuss and it helps create a chic, elegant bridal look that will stay fixed all day long.

Twist it up

This works great for brides with lots of long flowing hair and it’s a simple look offering maximum beauty. Twist half the hair up on either side and fix in place at the back with a bridal comb with the rest of the hair curled into mermaid style waves. The simple twist creates such a soft, beautiful look and keeps the hair off the brides face too; a winning combination!

Half up half down

Particularly gorgeous on brides with a lob (long bob); plait half the hair around the back to frame the back of the head and take hair off the face, and wear the remaining hair down is tousled waves/ curls. This helps create texture in the hair, so if your hair is thin, this will add volume.

Rock your natural curls

If you have gorgeous tight curls, let them be the star of the show on your wedding day. You could sweep a little aside for a feature within the hair, but styling your coils and curls is more about the hairdresser using the exact right products to bring your natural curls to life on your wedding day. 

Loose Waves

The boho wedding favourite is an effortless wavy hairstyle. You can dress this up with a floral hair vine or let your waves go wild. If having all your hair down on your wedding day seems too much, opt for half up half down affair which still features messy beachy waves.

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